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The Ice Cream Club has a Complete Store Program that assists you in the opening of your retail ice cream store. The total cost can be as low as $48,900. We offer a "franchise look" without the fees or royalties (since we are not a franchise). In addition to helping you with store layout and training, we stock everything you need for your store, including our award winning ice cream, soft serve products, commissary supplies, Club Smoothie® bases, ice cream cake supplies and POS. If you already own a store, the cost to convert is minimal since the changes are cosmetic. Stores with their own names may want to feature our products and not change their name, there are no fees involved and many benefits.

  • No fees or royalties since we are not a franchise.
  • Training, Manuals and Recipes.
  • Store layout assistance.
  • Promotional assistance. Take advantage of The Ice Cream "Clubs" membership promotional concept.
  • Point of sales material - Flavor name tags, posters, and illuminated menu inserts provided to licensed and featuring stores AT NO CHARGE.
  • If you are opening a new store, compare our low total cost to open to that of national franchises.(see Cost to Open page)




  • Flavor Labels & Holders
  • Interior Posters
  • Best Ice Cream Articles (framed)
  • Ice Cream Club newsletter


  • Flavor Labels & Holders
  • Interior Posters
  • Best Ice Cream Articles (framed)
  • Ice Cream Club newsletter


  • Collage Menu Transparencies
  • Window Promotional Banners
  • Annual Promotions such as Free Scoop Night (credit for ½ of tubs given away up to 25 tubs)
  • Reimbursement of ½ of Gift Certificate mail out up to $200.
  • Reimbursement of ½ of Postcard mail out up to $200.
  • Club Membership participation
  • Copy of The Ice Cream Club Owner/Manager Operations Manual
  • Operational Training & Cake Decorating Lessons
  • ICC Logoed Cups available
  • Preferred equipment pricing
  • Store layout & design assistance
  • Store location listing & link on

Sample Interior

Sample Exterior
The Ice Cream Club, Inc. will provide you with Point-of-Sale materials to make you one of The Club! View pictures of other Ice Cream Club locations.

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Freezer Truck
The Ice Cream Club, Inc. employs it's own fleet of trucks to offer most stores direct store delivery without the use of 3rd party carriers. Click picture for larger image.

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